Encourage more businesses in Wisbech

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IT appears to me that over the last few years around Wisbech the easiest employment fix for local council has been to say ‘yes’ to supermarket chains with their hypermarket stores.

This has been a way of employing large numbers with minimum effort. Section 106 money has been also collected and used for projects around the town.

I see this money as compensation payment for all the damage that has been caused to the centre of Wisbech the Capital of the Fens, by the economic downturn created.

I do not feel Wisbech can sustain any more of this behaviour. We need to change.

We need to encourage more industry and manufacturing to the town. Retail is based on sales, if you can not earn you can not spend. We need to create a better environment where we can reward ourselves with more than the national minimum wage.

Have any fellow councillors out their bothered to read the ‘Portas Report’?

When was our last trade and commerce exhibition, inviting new business to the town?