Failed to protect the environment

I READ with interest Mr Melton’s letter (Citizen October 12)

I am sure that more and more local residents are feeling the same way with these large industrial turbines that are now dominating our landscape. His reference to him not seeing any reduction in his energy bills is unfortunately a common misleading statement put out by some.

I understand that some £200 per annum of our energy bills goes to renewable energy production. Not only is wind energy the most expensive form of energy production, it is not a reliable source, it brings little or no local employment, the energy is distributed to parts of the country well outside Fenland, so for local people, apart from landowners who benefit from having these structures on their land, it is a no win situation.

Of course, the biggest culprits in this is Fenland District Council, they encouraged the wind industry to come to Fenland in the first place, they originally approved all these turbines without having a proper policy to control the number and location of these large structures and when they did eventually produce a policy, at a cost of nearly £24,000, guess what, that policy actually states, that for most parts of Fenland, more turbines are acceptable!

People like Mr Stoneman, myself and others have been saying for many years, yes, let’s make a contribution to renewable energy but not at the cost of destroying our landscape.

Our local councillors and planners have failed in their duties to protect our environment.