Fair rides, traffic and children equals danger

WHILE walking through Wisbech Market Place on Saturday March 3 I was truly amazed at the amount of traffic driving around it.

The stalls and rides from the fair occupied half of the Market Place with the regular market stalls on the rest.

The Fair attractions and market stalls were placed right up to the road side and left no room for pedestrians to safely walk.

Children were using the fairground rides and on disembarking their ride had to, by necessity, walk straight onto the road.

Prior to the fair moving to Wisbech there was a fatal accident in King’s Lynn involving a young child.

One would have thought that the local authorities would have learned from this that a combination of fairground rides, young children and traffic do not mix.

Let us hope that in future that when events such as the fair and markets take place action is taken to control the flow of traffic into and around the Market Place to prevent the obvious risk of injury or death to pedestrians.

This will then allow people to enjoy themselves without having to dodge traffic.