Families need to know the truth

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I COULD not agree more with the writers of your letters regarding the proposed closure of Kingswood Park home at March.

My mother is very happy there and well cared for within a community that she knows and loves.

The original press statement spoke of moving residents to ‘nearby’ Sawston and Bottisham - 30 plus and 40 plus miles respectively.

No longer then will residents be a part of the community they have lived within for years but just someone to be visited at weekends or when time (and money to pay for fuel) permits.

Children calling in after school to see their great grannies and grandpas will not happen, busy relatives dropping in for ten minutes between work and home will no longer be able to do this and, at a late stage in life, residents will be uprooted and put in a different area.

The question that kept coming up at the initial residents’ meeting was What will happen to Kingswood Park if it closes?

Will it be sold for property development? Perhaps the most telling question was raised by a relative at the meeting was:

“It’s a shame Sanctuary Housing could not show their face” said a distressed relative and added: “If the council said that if the home closes then planning permission would not be given for housing on the site, then I wonder what they would do then?”

These are questions I hope our MP Stephen Barclay will be asking and that relatives and residents will hear the truth.