Fears that store plan will add to congestion

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WITH regard to the proposed new Tesco supermarket at Chatteris.

For residents whose houses back on to Fenland Way, this site is totally unsuitable for this very congested road.

Highways tell us that since our houses have been built, the volume of traffic has increased threefold. At the present time, Slade roundabout cannot cope with the existing volume of traffic and queuing is a regular occurrence – with trucks and lorries standing still with diesel fumes polluting our gardens and houses.

In the spring/summer we will have slow moving tractors and combine harvesters.

We have requested many times to Fenland Council that pollution levels and noise level tests are carried out.

Also are Harrier Developments going to erect acoustic fencing this side of the road?

The council have not replied to our request. The police do not recommend an underpass but the council thinks better of it.

This store should have been built in Fenton Way where the infrastructure is in place, with a much wider road with no congestion and away from residences.

Anyone thinking of shopping in the store will be able to access it, but will be waiting for about an hour to get out of the store.

The market town will be gone and the store will be an accident waiting to happen on this already heavily congested road.

Think on residents of Chatters. Shopping at Tesco will not be a pleasure. In addition, traffic volumes will be enhanced even more with the relocation of Travis Perkins and their vehicles entering and leaving their adjacent premises and storage area.