Fenland faces greater risks

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I AM sure I cannot be the only reader who is fed up with the short-sighted views of your chorus of Trevors (Watson and Bevis) on wind farms.

I assume both use electricity around their houses. Why do they believe they are somehow above having to live with the consequences of the demand for electricity on tap in their homes? Mr Watson tries to say that Fenland gets no benefit from the wind turbines - no benefit that is, presumably, apart from the electricity he uses. To try to differentiate between the electricity that comes into his home and the specific flow produced by a Fenland wind turbine is simply ridiculous.

As one of the lowest lying areas of land in the UK, looking to the future, Fenland has reasons to fear melting of the ice caps and rising sea levels. We all benefit from a greater proportion of our electricity supply being produced from renewable sources.

Mr Bevis talks about coal-fired power stations. I was brought up with a view of Didcot Power Station. Believe me, if everyone who used electricity had to live alongside a coal-fired or nuclear power station, they would be clamouring for wind farms instead.

Perhaps it is time more people had a visible reminder of the fact that electricity has to come from somewhere.

If we all used less of the stuff, we wouldn’t need to make so much.

As for the worries about wind farms ‘destroying our landscape’- there are much greater risks and hazards.

What about the ever-increasing amount of road haulage on our roads, the use of insecticides and fertilisers on fields without regard for biodiversity or the human inhabitants who live close by? What about the mania for road building currently being indulged in by Peterborough City Council? What about the amount of littering and fly-tipping?

There are many ugly and disgusting things I see in Fenland every day but wind farms cannot be counted among these. I think they lend the landscape a dignity that it otherwise largely lacks.

Given a choice between the grey warehouse boxes that seem to litter the landscape and a wind turbine, I’d take the turbine every time.