Fens missing out on Olympic torch route

CONGRATULATIONS to all those from Fenland who have been chosen to be Olympic torchbearers (Citizen March 21).

As a March resident I’m particularly pleased to see the town is well represented in the shape of Ian Groome, David White and Robyn Joly and I’m sure they will do us proud as will the other five torchbearers.

However, on the downside, I have to say it’s a shame we won’t be seeing any of them with the torch actually running in Fenland because sadly, it doesn’t come anywhere near.

The organisers claim that 90 percent of people in this country will be within ten miles of the torch route but I’m afraid for a lot of Fenlanders, including anyone living in March, that isn’t the case, because the route from Peterborough goes through Huntingdon and St Ives on its way to Cambridge.

Where were our councillors and sports association officials when the route was being decided on? Surely, they could have put a word in for the much-neglected Fens, particularly as March is the hometown of world-class athlete Commonwealth Gold winner Louise Hazel.

I read of a village in Norfolk somewhere that lobbied for the route to be diverted through the village for some special event and that was agreed.

How come we in the Fens are left out in the cold again?

Surely, it wouldn’t have been too much to bring the route through Wisbech, March and Chatteris and then on to St Ives, Huntingdon and Cambridge?