Fight for North East Cambs

NOW we know - student tuition fees are trebling, EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) gone, Fenland Magistrates’ Court at Wisbech closing, Cambs County Council and Fenland District Council cuts in funding, although they keep telling us “front line services” will be okay.

It depends what is deemed “front line services”, personally I am waiting to see what happens.

I do find it rather hypocritical of both councils, their attitude to the cuts.

For many years, in fact every year when central government funding for the councils was announced, the leaders of the councils and the councillors were raising the roof “not enough funding, blah blah blah” they were screaming.

Not saying too much now, are they? Except what they have been primed to say “the previous government left a terrible mess”.

I wonder what our MP is doing?

He seems to be in the local press fairly regularly, cutting a ribbon here and there, presenting prizes everywhere. It’s all very well being photogenic,

I just hope he is fighting for North East Cambs or at least trying and I am not saying he isn’t doing his best, but he should let us see what he is doing apart from getting his photo in the papers every week.


Nene Parade