Flood wall: Are local views ignored?

I TOTALLY support the comments made by the Citizen reader (January 25 Flood Wall monstrosity) and those who have previously expressed similar views.

I had read recently, with utter dismay and disbelief, that this hideous wall was to be extended. It means massive disruption and frustration for road users, once again, for many months to come.

It means massive cost, and at the end, a wall that most people do not want or believe to be necessary.

As that reader so well expressed it, “so the authorities can finish destroying the main area of aesthetic value in this town”.

The best use of this extra spend, in the opinions of many, would be to remove the existing section of this wall.

I personally cannot drive through this area and the “Brinks” beyond, without being incensed at the damage done to what was once such an attractive area.

With its Georgian architecture and the river flowing between, the “Brinks” had once been rightly regarded as being the finest approach into a town of this size.

Concerning the planning process, did the Town Council and groups like the “Wisbech Society”, not have some input?

Is it another example, like the Horsefair Bus Station, where changes are planned and the views of local people and the Town Council are being ignored?