Flood wall is a ‘monstrosity’

I SEE Wisbech’s Nene Quay is to be closed for 20 weeks so the authorities can finish destroying the main area of aesthetic value in this town.

And how? By extending the monstrosity of a grey concrete wall to Freedom Bridge.

I wrote in complaint when the first part was being constructed, hoping that it may trigger some like-minded Wisbechians to action against it.

But there wasn’t one reply.

Have the people of Wisbech just given up on their town, like the people and organisations that supposedly run it?

I could ramble on about the many issues in and around Wisbech which I find disgraceful and nonsensical but this wall is just unbelievably abhorrent.

Whenever they have a chance, the national press give the impression Wisbech is ‘the pits’. After years of support for my home town, I am slowing beginning to think they are right.


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