Flood wall views ‘alarmist’

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IN response to the “Flood wall is a monstrosity” letter (Citizen January 25) and the writer’s first letter.

When I read the second letter regarding the flood wall works in Wisbech, having also previously reading the first, I can only say that the writer reminds me of Victor Meldrew. The alarmist views classifying the works as the “Berlin Wall” (and other comments) is in itself unbelievably abhorrent and immature.

A quick check with Cambridgeshire County Council reveals that once the concrete structure is in place, the entire flood wall will be faced with brickwork.

In addition, the works upgrading the defences, originally built in the 1930s, are of quite some necessity.

As a final rebuttal to the reader’s first letter referencing the Berlin Wall, I would much rather have Wisbech referred to as Berlin than Venice.