Flying in the face of government

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The Autumn statement by the Chancellor confirmed continued severe restrictions on public sector pay which means that employees of Fenland District Council will receive four year period.

This must beg the question as to how it is that the Conservative controlled councillors on FDC can award themselves an 8.5% increase which flies in the face of the Government’s stated intentions. Surely they are employees of the council also and should be subject to the same restraint as that imposed on their less fortunate colleagues?

No doubt they will fall back on the excuse that their increase was recommended by a so called ‘Independent’ Review Panel but that doesn’t mean they were obliged to accept the recommendations.

They obviously don’t see any reason why they should be making any sort of financial sacrifice, unlike their own employees and the rest of the community, despite Government’s exhortations that we are all in this together. Some, seemingly, more than others!