Foreign citizen speaks out

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ARE we living in fear?

I was amazed and outraged how a newspaper such as the Daily Mail could publish such an article.

The journalist who wrote this couldn’t have done any research about the foreigners like myself and others living in Wisbech.

I suffered already from the racism in this town and I know others who had the same sad problem.

This journalist had blown it totally out of proportion.

There’s no Baltic Mafia or any other foreigner Mafia in Wisbech and the problems are not all caused by foreigners, (we are a minority and we work hard and pay taxes like any other citizen).

If the foreigners buy drugs in this town, they buy it from English drug dealers, there’s no foreigner drug dealers in Wisbech,

I was reading the article and I felt so outraged because, in my opinion, it was the worst and silliest article ever written about Wisbech and its problems, unless they went to another dreamed up Wisbech!

The words of a foreigner.