Foreign doctors

COULD I congratulate MP Steve Barclay for all the work he has put in behind the scenes to ensure that foreign doctors practising in this country have sufficient knowledge of English (Citizen October 12).

One would have thought that being able to speak intelligible English would be a fundamental requirement for a doctor but most of us know from experience that this is not the case.

The article also highlights the incredible difficulties caused by EU regulations and the extent to which these are often used by our own officials to not put in place even the most basic requirements on people who come to work in this country.

Isn’t it time we, as a a so called sovereign nation, with our own elected Parliament, told the EU to mind its own business and got on with applying rules which protect our own citizens from harm?

The lengths Mr Barclay has had to go to get even the simplest of rules accepted almost beggars belief and makes one wonder what we are doing being members of such an organisation.