Get the town working

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THE current debate regarding the Bramley Line has prompted me to write. It is potentially and very aptly described by Cllr Kit Owen as a potential black hole.

How can voting via a local paper be a fair and democratic procedure? Your free circulation does not include my area where myself (whose house was built several years after the line closed) and my neighbours will be directly affected.

I bought the paper after a friend advised me of the voting form. No doubt a large percentage of the town remain oblivious to this campaign as they also are not covered by the circulation area.

There was no closing date on the first voting form it simply states return ‘as soon as possible’

What does this mean - is in six weeks’ time soon enough? Will all names and addresses be checked against the electoral roll. Are photo copies acceptable? How will multiple entries or fictitious entries be discounted?

• The same for email voting. How will this be checked? Can people vote by post and then again by e-mail?

• Is it one vote per household or can every member of each household have their own vote? Is there an age limit? Can children vote?

A referendum should be called by the council and only those on the electoral roll should be invited to take part.

Perhaps Cllr Owen could suggest this to the council. No offence meant to the Citizen but a vote for the expenditure of such a colossal amount of the public purse should not depend on those reading a local paper.

The procedure is open to exploitation.

I would suggest a better use of the money would be upgrading Wisbech Town itself in an effort to attract more visitors.

It’s widely accepted the town suffers from the explosion of traffic lights and poor directional markers around Freedom Bridge.

Think how more choked it would be every time the barriers close for a train - that’s Weasenham Lane, Redmoor Lane and the A47 at a standstill.

This traffic would still exist, regardless of the trains, due to the service only running to March. Not only is there a lease to purchase, what about the station and car park - where would they be?

Then the small matter of the trains themselves - that’s an awful lot of funding.

Let’s have the Tourist Board kept open to inform visitors and locals alike, let’s have decent public toilets, let’s encourage more independent traders.

The Boathouse area could be a huge plus if it led to somewhere but currently visitors can’t enjoy the river. Could we get funding for a river taxi - it’s worked wonders for Spalding.

Let’s get the town working not get trains out of it to shop in March.