Give is a chance with a smile

IT was good to hear from Sergitas Paulauslas from Lithuania (Citizen June 6) saying that he is looking forward to spending the rest of his life here in England.

May I put a few points of why some people rebel against others who are not born here?

You are welcome here and so are most other immigrants. The ones who are not are those who perpetually spit everywhere and walk around town drinking alcohol with total disregard of any law.

Having decent manners when queuing for buses and in shops and waiting your turn - not pushing to the front.

A simple ‘thank you’ when we allow you to come through a door while holding it open.

Yes, it is these simple everyday things that makes a lot of us fed up and say not very nice things.

We all don’t curse, most people would like very much to speak to foreigners if you give us a chance with a smile.

Try it, it may just work.


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