Great event

ONCE again the trustees of Wisbech St Mary Sports and Community Centre have done their village proud!

For the Jubilee celebrations we were entertained with children’s races and a bouncy castle, and when the singer serenaded us, a sea of flags waved in the air.

It was a nostalgic moment with a wide range of age groups enjoying the celebrations. We were also provided with a wonderful selection of sandwiches, cakes and endless tea and coffee, all free of charge. A kind gesture in this economic climate.

The trustees also provided us with a two day country fair which is a regular event bringing the community together. Saturday was a wonderful day but Sunday the weather wasn’t so kind but still an enjoyable day.

I attended both days and noticed how hard these trustees, their families and volunteers work.

They give up their precious time to provide our community with such special occasions, so on that note may I thank you on behalf of our village, and everyone who attended these events, you make us proud, well done.