Grid lock around Wisbech

PLEASE can some one talk sense into all these contractors that have decided to start work in Wisbech all at the same time.

I work in Algores Way and have noticed a drop in business due to the fact of all the work in Wisbech.

The customers who are getting in are complaining about the amount of time it is taking to get from one side of Wisbech to the other.

One of my issues is the fact of the temporary traffic lights at the top of Weasenham Lane. Getting out or in of Wisbech, which used to take five minutes, is now taking up to half a hour.

It did seem at first the contractors would take the lights down at 5pm to help the traffic flow but now they are up all the time and the traffic is grid locked.

I would say at least it’s only for 12 weeks but I am hearing the traffic lights are going to be permanent.

Surely this isn’t a good idea as it’s just stacking the traffic up around the Weasenham Lane area.

Speaking to a local councillor I have been informed that the idea of opening Boleness Road up to the bypass has been mentioned, but as far as I’m aware no action is due soon.

Please can this be looked into. It would add another entrance and exit into the industrial estate which would ease traffic on the other exits and also bring much-needed business into all the many firms that are on the industrial estate.