Grit bin praise for Sefton Avenue

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A BIG thank you to Wisbech North Conservative councillor Samantha Hoy for her help and support for acquiring a grit bin for Sefton Avenue, Wisbech, residents, school children and mums and dads who use the road for access to the school.

The last three years have seen very bad snow and ice. The road and pavements were dreadful to walk on and to push prams. A lot of elderly residents could not get out for basic shopping and appointments because of the conditions and this left them isolated.

This grit bin will make a big difference to all in Sefton Avenue from a health and safety point of view. I would like to thank all the neighbours and school staff and those who signed and supported my petition.

The grit bin arrived on October 7 and was put there by the Highways department and filled. Thank you to them for their support.