Groups vow to continue to fight

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WE have received support from all sections of the community in Wisbech concerning our opposition to Fenland District Council’s decision to close the Tourist Information Centre in its present form.

We will continue to fight for its retention and the re-instatement of its staff. We therefore, welcome the Leader of the Council’s concerns about Wisbech and his appointment of Cllr David Oliver as a member of the Cabinet with responsibility for Wisbech and of Cllr Jonathan Farmer’s wider responsibility for tourism in the district.

We look forward to working with the two councillors and enlisting their support for the wishes of the people of Wisbech in keeping the TIC in its present form, thus expanding the tourism economy in the town and surrounding areas.

BRIAN PAYNE (chairman, Wisbech Society)

MAVIS CHAPMAN (chairperson Wisbech Tourism Development Group)