Headteachers’ SATS response

WE are writing on behalf of all schools in the March and District Head Teachers’ Forum and The Wisbech Schools’ Partnership regarding your article about standards in Fenland Primary schools (Citizen January 5).

We would not wish to rehearse the well documented reasons for not taking SAT results at face value but feel it would have been more informative if your reporter had attempted to find out some of the ‘stories’ behind these figures.

Our concerns are: The article is based on schools reaching a target of 60 percent in English and Maths.

However, the target for 2010 was in fact 55 percent.

The paragraph naming schools below 60 percent fails to include two schools making it only partially correct.

In the table, one school has the SS grade in the CVA column and not in the others – this is clearly a mistake.

The last paragraph of the report mentions the significant progress in the narrowing of the gap that has taken place but apparently this ‘was narrowed by nice percentage points’.

We have no wish to enter into a debate on performance and the relevance or otherwise of league tables but would hope that the good work in our schools, often in challenging circumstances and recognised widely by Ofsted, is supported in our local communities rather than undermined.

Head Teachers of the Wisbech Schools’ Partnership and March and District Head Teachers’ Forum