Heart goes out to the Cox family

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MY heart really does go out to the Cox family (Citizen June 27).

I can say this with all honesty as I too am married to a Filipino who is currently residing in this country and though our stories are not exactly the same, there are similarities.

Undoubtedly the Home Office has the right to protect this country from illegal immigrants and also has the right to expose bogus marriages but, as with ourselves, neither of these two would seem to apply.

What I would think, however, is that in their more zealous defence of the realm they may have taken on an issue which is somewhat beyond immigration itself.

That is the issue of a legitimate marriage.

In the Daily Mail on December 17, 2011, David Cameron called on the Archbishop of Canterbury to lead a return to the “moral ride” of the Bible. So how then can he preside over a department of state. (ie the Home Office), which would appear to have no qualms when it comes too separating married couples? This confuses me still. Also largely because, since he made that statement, several other Tory MPs eventually agreed with him.

Now I have no idea what any of these MPs think about what Christianity really is.

It is respecting other people’s rights to defend their marriages and to respect their vows to God.

I attend the Baptist Church in Wisbech. I am not totally without flaws in my personality but I do know that God would not take it too kindly were I ever to abandon or betray my wife in any way as these were promises I made to him alone, and not the government. So to the Cox family, I can only say, keep on fighting, don’t give up.