Heartless culprits dumped six kittens

I AM hitting out at the heartless bullies who over a recent weekend dumped six kittens on a country road.

I was called out on a Sunday morning where six kittens ranging from three to five months, old were discovered on Roman Bank, Newton.

The kittens had been left to defend themselves on a country lane, it’s a wonder they didn’t get killed by speeding traffic.

None of the kittens are neutered and they were full of fleas and worms but very friendly. It worries me that the owners, who still must have the mothers, will continue to do this and I’m urging them to have them neutered. Whoever has done this is disgraceful and I’m absolutely disgusted.

Far too many kittens are being born and there simply isn’t enough good homes for them all.

Neutering is the simple answer and there is help to people on benefit.

There is absolutely no excuse and in my 20 years of cat rescue I have never seen so many kittens as there have been in the past three years, it just gets worse.

I really think its about time the government helped by bringing out a breeding ban unless you have a licence to do so.

Animals always draw the short straw in life and many are born just to die, the only humane answer being to neuter.

The kittens are safe and being cared for.


Cat Haven Wisbech