Help to trace lost family

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I HAVE an ancestor by the name of Divers Smith, sometimes known as Diverus. He was born 1872 in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. But lived many years in Wisbech with wife Emily, maiden name Wiles and their children.

Divers was very well known in the town and was a member of the fire brigade. When he died in 1933 he had a big funeral which was reported in the papers along with photos. I’ve managed to identify relatives that were reported to have attended the funeral such as a niece, Mrs Howard.

I’ve found out that she married a Richard Howard and was the daughter of a sister-in-law to Divers. There’s one person I can’t identify and that’s a Mrs Jarmeny who was a niece.

I can’t seem to work out what niece married a Jarmeny. Perhaps there’s someone out there who can remember a relative by the name of Jarmeny being connected by marriage to Divers Smith or who Mrs Jarmeny was.

If anyone can help contact me on 01277-657266