Horse friendly advise for Fen drivers

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WITH the roads becoming ever more busy, I’d like to highlight the difficulties experienced by horse riders on the roads in trying to keep safe and prevent accidents.

I appreciate that horses on the roads are seen as an inconvenience by some, but it is nevertheless something that motorists should be prepared for.

Most horses are well trained and good in traffic however, we would do well to remember that horses are flight animals and as such can be unpredictable, a slow speed and plenty of room are very much appreciated.

Drivers please:

• Pass wide and slow (give at least as much room as when overtaking a car and The British Horse Society recommend a maximum speed 15mph).

• Don’t get too close behind the horse, it may kick out or become frightened.

• Don’t sound your horn or rev your engine.

• Drivers of large vehicles or those towing take extra care when passing horses. Heed rider’s hand signals (slow down - arm held out and moved up and down slowly) (stop - arm out towards you, palm facing)

Riders please:

• Invest in some high-viz equipment for you and your horse when riding on the road.

• Thank drivers for being courteous.


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