I don’t think they care about us

REGARDING the article (Citizen March 2) ‘Work could start this month’ in relation to Doddington Hospital.

The joint statement from the NHS Cambridgeshire and Fenland Council is nothing short of pathetic; why must they always treat South Fenland folk with disregard?

This project is already one year behind schedule because people failed in their job during the surveying and planning for the site and all they talk about are the problems they have faced to put it right.

These people do not seem to care about the problems they continue to foist on this community, especially those who need hospital intermediate care closer to home; and the relatives who need to visit.

If they had been sorry for their mistakes they would have said sorry before now. After all this time it is too late to be sorry or to apologise; just tell us why this problem was missed in the early stages.

If these delays are not bad enough, I now understand the Chatteris Alzheimer respite group is under threat of closure at the end of March.

If it is due to funding then some of the money allocated to the ten hospital beds for 2011, which we will not get until 2012, could go into the Alzheimer’s sufferers respite group.