‘I hold Andy in highest regard’

HAVING known Andy Behagg for many years as a good and honest man, I still find it hard to believe that he had knowledge of what was going on at Greenvale.

I was pleased to read Lynda’s comments, which were eloquently put and I am sure that those who know Andy and Lynda are well aware of all the charitable work they have both done over the years.

I can assure those that do not know them that they are both down to earth people with the good of others at heart. Andy has done much of his charitable work behind the scenes and has never been one to seek the limelight.

I am appalled that the press have chosen to report only the parts of the trial that reflect badly on Andy, not any of his defence; such as the fact, fully accepted in court that he made no personal gain from any of this, and a witness stating that they were told to keep certain details from him. In my opinion he was only guilty of putting too much trust in others. I could go on, but realise to most people he is just another ‘bent’ businessman who got his just desserts.

I can assure you that those of us who really know Andy Behagg always have, and always will, hold him in the highest regard.