I’m proud to live in Wisbech, are you?

I DON’T know how anyone else feels, but I’ve had enough of outsiders knocking Wisbech. The latest Daily Mail ‘Baltic Mafia’ story (Citizen February 1) is the final straw. It’s absolutely laughable - let alone being a slur on everyone who lives in Wisbech.

Let’s start talking the town ‘up’ instead of ‘down’. This is a great place to live.

It’s one of the most beautiful towns in England with some of the friendliest people you’ll find anywhere and they far outweigh the vocal minority of troublemakers.

I’ve no idea what proportion of our population is from Eastern Europe - and I don’t much care. The majority of people in this area work hard, no matter what their ethnic background. And let’s not forget that without Fenland people (of all races) to work the fields and farms, a large part of the UK would go hungry.

This town has much to be proud of. It’s the birthplace of social improvement, as we all know, the anti-slavery movement and the National Trust had their origins here.

Unlike many other towns in this country it has managed to keep its soul, in having a well-preserved, visually-stunning and historic town centre.

As far as I’m concerned it’s the centre of the world and it has a great future. I’m immensely proud and fortunate to live here.

Anyone else feel the same way?