Improvements to road junction

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WITH regard to previous correspondence about improvements to the junction into Lerowe Road at Wisbech.

I think it is the correct thing to do. For over 26 years, the Fenland Road/Lerowe Road junction has been problematic and there have been accidents and near misses.

I was approached about this in the summer of 2011. I made notes from some of the residents then I surveyed the junction to see how bad it really was. I found if you wanted to turn right out of Fenland Road, you could see no more than a few metres.

In August 1985, residents were so concerned they got councillors and Fenland’s chief technical officer involved to meet them at the junction.

Residents believed something was going to be done but nothing was. I was shocked at the inactivity when I heard about it in 2011. I made a pledge to residents in January 2012 after another spate of near misses, that I would do my best to get a safer junction.

There have been welcomed improvements in recent weeks - the kerb line has been extended out so that drivers waiting to leave Fenland Road can see further round the corner and be protected while waiting. For drivers on Lerowe Road, there are ‘slow’ signs on the road.

I have had people thank me and others complain that when you drive down Lerowe Road towards Lynn Road you have to go slow now because the road is narrower. This is to slow drivers down. I have negotiated this junction from all angles in my car both day and night since the works and have had no problems.

I believe we have got in the habit of taking this corner too fast and now we are being forced to slow down and look. Thank you to Cambs County Council for investing in our safety. I do not consider this is a waste of taxpayers’ money but an investment for the future.