Individual expertise will be sorely missed

WITH the imminent closure of Wisbech Tourist Information Centre, I understand that all but one part-time employee have now completed their employment with Fenland District Council.

Despite the difficult demise of this service, the TIC staff’s stoical departure has been characteristic of their work ethics - hard work with no fuss. Having had the pleasure of TIC support for 11 years in tourism business some acknowledgement of the staff’s outstanding standards and professionalism is much overdue.

Many businesses, local inhabitants and tourists have enjoyed the TIC as a centre of knowledge and promotion of Fenland. The TIC’s comprehensive understanding of all things Fenland is irreplaceable.

No computerised system, leaflet or overworked One Stop Shop attendee will replace the friendly, helpful and willing staff who have acquired such a vast volume of available information for Fenland citizens.

We shall sorely miss the individual expertise in local history and Fenland events and attractions.

In future should funding allow, how long will it take to resurrect a service with the quality of staff and a level of knowledge that we have already enjoyed?

Tourism is a valuable income resource to the district and has, in effect, been wiped out by Fenland District Council’s cruel cuts and many small businesses will feel that effect.

It is with sadness and heartfelt sincerity that I, on behalf of many others, offer thanks, goodbye and good wishes to all the team from Wisbech TIC in their future ventures.


Common Right Barns, Accommodation Provider