Inspiring bowlers in action at March

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I WRITE regarding a bowls team and finals night played at the GER Indoor Bowls Club at March on April 19 - the club final for the Pensioners’ League Jack Haines KO Cup.

My mum, Pat Loughton who plays for Busby Babes has multiple sclerosis.

She and her partner Ken have been playing bowls as a hobby for a couple of years and last year, thanks to the GER Bowls Club, she has been able to continue due to the availability of a purpose-made chair for disabled players.

Pat has had MS for 24 years and has struggled to walk yet alone participate in any sport.

I attended the finals night at the club and was so inspired by what I saw - not only the support from all the members but I was able to watch this team engage in something they really enjoyed.

I commend the club for the opportunity they have given disabled people and also commend mum for the determination she shows by not giving in to MS.

Myself and other spectators watched in awe as the two teams battled it out.

I never realised how dramatic this sport could be or what skills it takes to be able to play this game.

I also noticed what a sociable sport this can be especially for all capabilities.

It seems to give people a new lease of life and that is thanks to all concerned in the organisation of the club and the team players.