It’s time to think again

WENDY Nobbs is right to raise the question again about an additional exit from Sainsbury’s at March (Citizen, August 31).

It seems to me that gridlock occurs frequently with or without road works and is one of the reasons I don’t shop there other than to pop in on foot on occasions.

I seem to recall that Sainsbury’s did put in an application some time ago but it was refused mainly because of objections from The Conservative Club because it would interfere with their parking arrangements.

How that could be I’m not clear because Creek Road is a public road with no special parking facilities for anyone as far as I’m aware.

Perhaps it’s time for the issue to be looked at again and this time given proper weight from the Sainsbury customers’ point of view as well as the road safety requirements.

It seems to me this may well be an example of the planning authorities allowing vested interests to prevail over public benefit.