Kicking up a stink in Coldham

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MAY I voice my opinion on one of the latest topics in the headlines of farmers having a raw deal.

Also as custodians of the countryside I think they do a pretty poor job and one that really is getting up my nose, quite literally is the foul smelling muck being spread on the fields.

On a recent Saturday evening we made plans to have a family barbecue but at 4.30pm there arrived two large muck spreaders to put the foul smelling stuff on the fields adjacent to houses.

This totally destroyed any chance of our evening, having to close windows and doors, as the smell was horrendous and they continued until 9pm Saturday night.

Not content with destroying Saturday, then arrived at 8am Sunday morning to continue. I live on a large estate at Coldham and we had no notification of events likely to take place.

They erected 24 wind turbines despite local objection so now spoil our skyline, pollute the air we breath, and in some cases, deposit mud on the road.

Maybe with a little bit of consideration for people who live in the area, it might inspire a bit more sympathy.