Kingswood is their home

MY mother, who’s 94 in July, suffers from dementia and has been a resident of Kingswood Park for over six years.

In all that time, I’ve never visited to find mum or her clothes dirty, which to me means she is receiving excellent care.

The whole home, including mum’s room, is always spotless but retains a homely feeling and a great deal of friendship.

The meals always look appetising as well as being nicely presented. I also feel very strongly for the staff who do a marvellous job. How many of us could honestly say we have that much patience and understanding?

To the people who make these decisions it’s just closing another home. But to mum and all the other residents, it’s their home.

It’s where they know they are looked after and can feel safe. Everybody deserves a home - even if you are old.