Kingswood Park: The elderly need better safeguards

I HAVE just come from visiting my father, who is in a home in London, his dementia having become too much for my mother to be able to cope with on her own.

I was able to walk there from my Mum’s house and take him out in his wheelchair to enjoy the sun in a local park.

My Mum can do this too and visits him every other day. If his home was to be shut down and he had to move 40 miles away my mother would be distraught.

But this is the situation that the families of those in Kingswood Park home at March are facing. Will they easily be able to visit their loved ones?

No, especially not since the same county council has just slashed the subsidy of buses. It seems that the decision to cancel the block booking of beds by Cambridgeshire County Council is one of the reasons behind the decision of Methodist Homes for the Aged that it is no longer viable for them to run Kingswood Park Care Home.

That this will be devastating to the families of those cared for there is obvious to everyone, except apparently those making the decision. The message is clear, if you are not rich, you cannot afford to get old.

As it happens, the company running my Dad’s home is about to sell it but the home is run under a partnership deal with the local council which guarantees the continuation of service.

The new company won’t be able to turf out the residents and build houses on a prime site, it will have to continue the care exactly as it is now. Why doesn’t our county council provide the same safeguards for our elderly?

This situation has arisen because at every level of government in our area there is no voice of opposition.

Who is there to challenge opinions or make our councillors think twice about the decisions they make?