Leader needs to answer questions over funding

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WITH regard to your front page story by Sarah Cliss (Citizen Nov 24) regarding funding for the Isle College Wisbech by Fenland District Council.

Perhaps the following questions could be answered by the council leader Alan Melton.

1. What right does the ‘ruling’ Conservative group on the council have to make a decision regarding expenditure of £1.5m ‘behind closed doors’ so to speak, before it’s even been formally discussed by the Council Cabinet?

2. Only the previous week, the leader of the council was telling us how difficult it was going to be to balance the books without affecting services. How can he contemplate spending such a large sum of money in those circumstances?

3. I thought the county council was responsible by the Government for educational funding. What has it got to do with Fenland District Council?

4. Issues involving the spending of large sums of council tax payers money shouldn’t be decided by either a closed group of Conservative councillors, or for that matter, even the Council Cabinet.

It should be an issue properly debated by the Full Council and reflect the views of the community not just the ruling Conservative Group.