Left with a bill after walk in the park

FURTHER to Sylvia Beales’ letter (Citizen August 10). I too am amazed at the amount of rubbish and litter in and around Wisbech rugby field.

In fact, I have stopped walking my dogs at the park, as the last time I walked there with them my two pups both cut their paws on what I assume was a broken bottle.

My mum’s Schnauzer got a small cut on her paw but my Weimaraner had a larger cut on his leg that required four stitches and left me with a large bill of over £300,

Fortunately he is insured. I am glad that people are using the park, but why can’t they use the bins or take their litter home with them? I am always very careful to clean up after my dogs.

The fact is what happened to my dogs could have happened to a child playing in the park and could’ve been far worse.

Everyone should be able to use the park safely without fearing that serious injury could happen to themselves, their animals or their children and this is not possible due to a few uncaring, thoughtless people.