Let’s hope common sense prevails

I READ with interest your article (Citizen September 21) regarding the layby outside Wisbech Road Post Office March and this has prompted me to write after many years of living in the vicinity.

I would like to think that my comments are both fair and objective as not only are my wife and I customers of the Post office and Store but have lived in the immediate vicinity for many years and frequently have to access Hillside Road by the post office.

Firstly, I can confirm that having to pull out onto Wisbech Road from Hillside Road on a daily basis in my vehicle there is a severe lack of visibility when other vehicles are parked in the layby outside the post office.

This means that motorists exiting Hillside Road have to edge out into the middle of Wisbech Road to see around parked vehicles which in itself creates a hazard for oncoming traffic.

I would like to point out that all manner of vehicles not only park in the layby but also actually on the pavement on the corner of Wisbech Road and Hillside Road and along Hillside Road in immediate proximity to the junction.

These include cars, lorries, vans, postal vans etc, some of these have deliveries for the post office and others are simply customers too lazy to park at a safer distance from the junction and walk a little.

A further issue that arises due to people parking in the layby is when one has to turn into Hillside Road from Wisbech Road and vehicles are parked both in the layby and along Hillside Road right up to the junction. This creates just one lane of access into Hillside Road for about 50 yards where the parked cars are so, needless to say, when there are two lanes of traffic both trying to exit and access Hillside Road at the same time this causes a bottle neck (and this happens daily).

I have encountered such antics as drivers reversing out of Hillside Road onto Wisbech Road into oncoming traffic rather than turn around safely.

I accept that the Post Office is a valuable asset for the local community that needs protecting and consideration needs to be given for a safer means of parking for customers. Also that the postmaster should have assistance in protecting his business while observing safe parking practices are put in place.

However, as stated in your article, allowing vehicles to park over zig zag lines is an offence under The Road Traffic Act.

I feel sympathy for the owners of the post office because it defies belief that the layby with zig zags was ever permitted in the first pace (between a pelican crossing and a junction). So years down the line they probably feel wronged that this permission is now being withdrawn possibly.

The fact remains that it is illegal and both myself and my wife are amazed that there has never been a serious collision at this spot.

Unfortunately a life could be lost before this is resolved but let’s hope common sense prevails.