LETTERS: Horror at sheep attack

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I was dismayed and shocked at the photograph of the mauled sheep in Doddington owned by farmer Jim Fletcher (Citizen January 9).

This sort of incident shows how selfish, dishonest and cowardly some dog owners can be, in my opinion. Selfish because they fail to control their dog, dishonest if they know their dog caused this suffering and didn’t own up and cowardly if they saw their dog maul the sheep, but took it away leaving the animals in pain and distress. I speak as a dog owner by the way.

I don’t know if you are aware that farmers can shoot any dog, loose among sheep or livestock, which is causing them any distress. Some dogs do not deserve the sort of owners they end up with. Keep it on a lead and train it properly if you love it.

Citizen reader

Details supplied

• Editor’s note: Section 9 of the Animals Act 1971 provides that the owner of livestock, the land owner or anyone acting on their behalf, is entitled to shoot any dog if they believe it is the only reasonable way of stopping it worrying livestock.