LETTERS: Warning to readers

People should be aware that a man driving quite a large, silver car has recently posed on rural lanes both in Gedney Hill and Terrington as having run out of petrol.

He then tries to flag you down and quite aggressively offers you cheap imitation rings saying he will buy them back once be gets petrol etc. This type of scam could prove very costly, especially for senior citizens and female drivers out alone. Please don’t stop. Instead if concerned ring the police once you reach your destination as I’m sure they will be keen to attend and check the situation.

Citizen reader

• Editor’s note: • In response Norfolk police spokesperson said: “We haven’t received any reports of cars using this technique to get drivers to stop. If local residents have any concerns or witness any suspicious activity, we would urge them to call 101 – or 999 if a crime is in progress. We have regular patrols across the Terrington area and have dedicated local officers and PCSOs to ensure that any local incidents are dealt with promptly and efficiently.”