Leverington put the record straight

FURTHER to an article printed in the Citizen (June 27) entitled ‘Fight is on against school academies’.

We are writing to express our extreme disappointment in the way the article implied that Leverington Primary Academy is a sponsored Academy.

We would like to point out that the reason we became a converter Academy was due to our recent ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted and continued committed hard work of all staff, pupils, parents and the local community.

Furthermore, we are not a profit making business as inferred, the education and the welfare of our children remains our prime focus.

The move to becoming an Academy was a positive process made involving all stakeholders and of which we are all extremely proud. One of the main reasons for making the decision to convert to an Academy was to give us more flexibility to meet the needs of all our pupils.

Our pupils’ attainment progress continues to demonstrate the outstanding education all our pupils’ receive.

We feel that a positive experience regarding Academy status should also be expressed and included in any public meeting to allow community to make a fair and measured judgement.

The committed and dedicated staff of Leverington Primary Academy