Local buses are our lifeline

I CONGRATULATE the parents of children from March who are facing the loss of their bus transport to school in Peterborough (Citizen February 22) for getting good publicity for their cause.

However, there is a wider issue here than the loss of discretionary school transport, which affects the wider community, particularly those who don’t have easy access to a car and that is the decision by Cambs County Council to phase out all subsidised bus routes over a four year period.

This process has already started with the most notable casualty being the loss of an hourly service from March to Peterborough.

Despite a request by central Government to not affect front line services these cuts in subsidy will eventually mean the withdrawal of many more services which are currently deemed by the bus companies to be unprofitable unless assisted by public money. The county council currently has some 100,000 registered concessionary bus pass holders and yet it seems to think removing these subsidies will have little affect.

It is my contention that the leader of the council and his cabinet care little for those members of the public, many of them (elderly or disabled), who rely on local buses as a lifeline.

I would urge electors to petition their local county councillors to get this policy withdrawn.