Luxe is a ‘jewel’ in Wisbech’s crown

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JAMIE Robb (Citizen, March 14) in his letter headlined: ‘Wisbech: A lingering decline’ mistakenly sees ‘decline’ for what is actually change. Mr Robb, like many citizens of Wisbech, is clearly fearful of change. There are many more positives than negatives about Wisbech. These positives include the Boathouse quay-side development, which is still in its early stages, and Roddens Housing Association, which is starting to build new social housing. However, as an avid movie-goer, I must mention the Luxe Cinema in Alexandra Road, Wisbech, which is run and owned by Burleigh Ibbott. Where else can citizens attend a packed cinema at 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon to see, as I recently did, a movie such as ‘The Help’.

The Luxe Cinema is now in its fourth year of business. According to Mr Ibbott, attendances are increasing year on year and month on month.

Just as happened during the Great Depression, movie-fans in Wisbech are visiting the cinema in order to escape for a couple of hours from the realities of life in austerity Britain.

Once people have visited the Luxe once, they do so again and again. The experience is really that good. The Luxe is indeed a jewel in the crown of Wisbech.