March development debate: Road concerns

WITH reference to the proposed ‘housing development’ in the North East of March.

It is all well and good to state that there is a large open space, let’s build on it!

But, has anyone considered the logistics of building north of the River Nene and the Railway Line?

The people who will be living in the ‘new estate’ will still need to travel south along the B1101 to either shop in March or commute to Chatteris, Ely, Huntingdon and beyond.

I have lived in March since 1979 and, in that time, seen the town grow considerably, particularly in the area of urban housing. This has been most welcome were it not for the fact that the support infrastructure has not progressed at the same pace.

Our road system has barely changed. The B1101, Elm Road/Station Road has always been difficult to transit due to:

1) The road is narrow so when vehicles are parked at the kerb, it is difficult if not unsafe for other vehicles to pass each other.

2) The number of HGV vehicles accessing the Marwick Road Industrial Estate.

3) The March railway station level crossing creates numerous traffic jams due to the frequency and length of closure.

4) The traffic calming measures and mini-roundabout at County Road is yet another obstacle to the free flow of traffic.

5) The box junction at Creek Road/Station Road, allied with the efflux from Sainsbury’s, assisted by the traffic lights at Broad Street, often produce gridlock.

The Core Strategy for March North East would probably add 1200-1600 vehicles to an already near saturated secondary class road.

Comment - why has the project Core Strategy been kept so low key, almost secret?

Surely a strategy of this magnitude should have been put to the voters of March.

One final point, as to the elimination of the Estover Playing Field. The addition of 1,680 plus children to the already large number residing in the area, where are they going to play? The town centre?