Matter of urgency for Hostmoor action

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I THINK more than a 30mph speed limit will be needed if the hazards on the A141 at March are to be properly dealt with (Citizen front page July 27)) and we are to avoid the horrific experience suffered by Chris French and his family.

The junction with Hostmoor Road is becoming ever more hazardous because of increased traffic. When the new pub opens at that corner shortly, it will exacerbate an already fraught situation for drivers.

At the moment, traffic exiting from Hostmoor wanting to travel in the Wisbech/Peterborough direction has to turn left to the Wisbech Road roundabout and then retrace.

While done as a safety measure, this obviously unnecessarily increases the already heavy traffic using that roundabout which is rapidly becoming another ‘accident waiting to happen’ location because of it’s turnings (in close proximity) to the car wash and shopping area, the turn for March and the turn for Hereward Way bypass not to mention the hair-raising manoeuvre if one wants to take the Turves Road.

Surely, the time has come for the Highways Dept of Cambs County Council to install traffic lights (or a roundabout) at the junction for Hostmoor as a matter of urgency, something which was called for originally I seem to recall, but not acted upon for reasons which escape me.

At the same time, they should review the situation at Wisbech Road to see what can be done to improve safety there.