Memorial arch: Ask the ratepayers first

WITH reference to the proposed Memorial Arch in March to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee.

May I suggest that it would be better to ask for suggestions from the ratepayers as to the most appropriate and beneficial way to celebrate the occasion.

The Market Place is a valuable open space and to clutter it up with an arching serving no useful purpose, and of a design which looks like a poor relation to the ornate fountain in Broad Street, would be a great pity.

If the old ‘London Village’ area could be tidied up and an arcade of attractive small low rental shops built, then an ornamental archway over the lane leading from the High Street, similar to the ones at the entrance to the Horsefair in Wisbech would attract visitors and be a useful asset.

Alternatively, steps cut into the side of the river bank leading to a flat walkway with seating would enable citizens to enjoy this much undervalued town asset.

An archway at the top of the steps indicating that it was made to commemorate the Jubilee could be a feature or, if this is too ambitious, flower beds on the river bank would brighten up the area.

Is it proposed to stop parking in the Market Place? If not it would not be long before some driver backed into the archway, it would in any case restrict space for stalls on market day.

Much more thought should be given before a financial decision is made. If the ratepayers are asked, or a competition held for the best ideas, I am sure that a memorial would be a credit to the town, and be appreciated by future generations.