‘Metal monsters’ blot the sky

IN response to Mr Stoneman’s letter (Citizen October 5), concerning structures (wind turbines) that blot our Fenland skies.

A few years ago I wrote in praise of these graceful giants and thought they were the answer to our problem of nuclear or coal-fired stations. I got it wrong. These metal monsters are not the solution. I have in view of my sky line 20, with seven more being built on CWS land at Coldham and a further seven in the planning stage.

To all who held my view, take heed. Seventy percent, if not more of these blades, do not rotate at all. Just standing as useless blots on our skies.

I personally have seen no reduction in my power bills, only fuel rises. The only people who benefit are landowners getting subsidies from power companies to have these on their land.

I apologise to Mr Stoneman who had the foresight to see what was occurring.

I was wrong, and I now fully support his view and that of many others that these metal monsters are just a blot on our landscape.