Motionless wind turbines, are they a waste of money?

AT the time of writing all wind turbines in our district are non operational due to high pressure (no wind) and one has not moved for many months.

It is bitterly cold and dark, heating and lighting are increased, energy demand is high, electricity supply from wind turbines locally must be zero.

As I look on acres of motionless turbines that dominate rural Fenland, I ask the question? Is a very expensive energy scheme that does not deliver at a time of need, pointless, futile, and a waste of consumers hard earned cash?

The UK now has some 3582 wind turbines. Consumers’ crippling energy bills will ensure energy giants receive financial rewards for their industry that contributes a dubious 2.2 percent towards UK energy production.

Energy consumption is increasing year on year by six percent, neutralising any attempt by wind energy to put meaningful amounts of electricity into the grid.

Taxpayers’ money would be better spent on sea and inland flood defences, and guaranteed nuclear power production.

A recent report (National Geographic) highlights the impact of this industry world-wide on wildlife.

A wind farm consisting of 23 turbines could destroy 20.800 endangered song birds, bats and raptors over the commissioned life .

Also revealing is the report that migratory routes of birds and bats are being confirmed by the amount of fatalities found at the base of wind turbines.

Locally, ecology consultants have warned developers and council they may be destroying the wildlife and habitat of protected local species.


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