Must be more deserving causes

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TWO proposals for a commemorative feature to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee at March are up for discussion, both for the usual silly prices.

This is more objectionable in the wake of the current loss of essential service levels, threats to the fire service and public transport.

If any money is to be found then a host of deserving causes can be identified. After a few years the arch will become neglected or break up.

Authorities can’t even clean the pavements and keep the weeds off our streets etc yet want to spend on more public on works that will have to be costed for future upkeep.

If we must spend any money what about the fountain in March and to the need to reunite it with the centrepiece. Leaving a part of such money that is available for its re-siting and cleaning. Maybe a plunger tap for those wanting fresh water too and then we can get on with a review of how to properly deliver a service package that gives a feel-good factor.


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