Near miss at Walton Road

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ON Sunday May 13 I was driving from Wisbech towards West Walton on the Walton Road at about 9.40am.

A few hundred yards before the church there are some left and right hand curves prior to reaching the S bends.

As I approached the curves at about 40mph, I glimpsed a white car approaching. Instinctively I took my foot off the accelerator and within seconds, this car was veering towards me.

I swung my car to the left bouncing on the deeply rutted nearside verge and thankfully we missed each other. I can’t tell you whether it was a man or a woman but somehow a collision was avoided.

If that driver reads my letter they will know who they are. Were you texting or phoning, or just not concentrating?

If somebody reads my letter and suspects who the driver may have been please have a word.

Next time someone else may not have their guardian angel looking down on them.